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What do you need on a SRG walk?


Decent boots: there are some morning walks in Summer where you will get away with stout shoes or even trainers but these are the exception.


Waterproof jacket: and preferably trousers. You never can trust the British weather.


Gloves and warm hat: necessary in colder weather.


Food: a snack for morning walks. Fluid and a packed lunch for an all-day walk.


Something to carry it all in.....supermarket bags are not recommended.

There are a number of desirables: first-aid kit, map and compass, sun tan lotion\insect repellant (for the occasional good day), gaiters.

More information

Need a map for a walk? Borrow one from the SRG Map Library Ramblers Association fact sheet on equipment
Click here and then take the "Walks" option for more  on equipment and map-reading The Interactive Footpath offers a crash course on footpath law and access to the countryside


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