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Walking Near Stafford


Staffordshire is one of the largest counties in England. Despite this it seems to be  known only to the cognoscenti. It has been described as "England's best-kept secret".

It is a county of contrasts and, whilst there are large towns, it is predominantly rural. There are over 2500 miles of footpaths and bridleways. There are also three long-distance paths within the County. 


The Staffordshire Way takes a broadly north-south route from Mow Cop to Kinver Edge passing through some spectacular beauty around the Cloud and the Churnet Valley. 


The Millennium Way is very new; it runs east-west from Burton to the Shropshire boundary near Newport. The path follows long sections of canal and disused railway (not, I must admit, my favourite terrain but it was intended to promote access for all)


Unlike the others, the Heart of England Way is not entirely within the County. It starts at Milford Common, which is the north-east corner of Cannock Chase, leaves the county near Tamworth before running through Warwickshire to the Cotswolds. 

For a full description of the countryside, look at the County Guide. You'll need to look under "Beauty Spots"

Here's an interesting new site on rights of way in Staffordshire

Staffordshire Scenes

20001202u Old Man of Mow.jpg (83330 bytes) 20010128b Roaches.jpg (65843 bytes) 20010128k HangingRock.jpg (61297 bytes) 20010211r_fauld.jpg (153071 bytes) 20010513b chase.jpg (142279 bytes)
Old Man of Mow The Roaches Hanging Rock Fauld Crater Cannock Chase

Ah, Kinder Scout, spiritual home of all ramblers in Britain since the Mass Trespass and its prominent position at the start of the Pennine Way. You have only to see the name and you can hear Ewan McColl singing "The Manchester Rambler".

Everyone associates Derbyshire with the Peak District. We do in Stafford because that is the border between the counties; indeed there is a substantial chunk of both the Dark and White Peak in Staffordshire. Dovedale, arguably the prettiest valley in England, forms the boundary for most of its course.

Derbyshire Scenes

20010527k alportdale.jpg (150680 bytes)

20010603b reservoir.jpg (149609 bytes)

20010603j downfall.jpg (168399 bytes)

20020313d chromeparkhouse.jpg (150619 bytes)

20010113c lathkilldale.jpg (147501 bytes)


Kinder Scout

Kinder Downfall

Parkhouse & Chrome Hills



I live near the Shropshire border and increasingly I'm looking in that direction for new and challenging walks. I fell in love with the Marches years ago when I lived in Worcester; it was one of my ambitions to finish my working life living there so I've not done too badly. As I drop down into the village on my way home from work I can see the Wrekin and the Clee Hills.

Of course you the best countryside is in the west and south of the County. It has a good number of Marilyns; Staffordshire and Derbyshire have only one Marilyn each.

Shropshire Scenes

20001105f_EarlsHill_crop.jpg (19795 bytes) 20001229g Long mynd.jpg (134632 bytes) 20001229s Caradog.jpg (132329 bytes) 20010114e Climbing the Wrekin.jpg (156076 bytes) 20011104a bridges.jpg (145728 bytes)
Earls Hill The Long Mynd Caer Caradoc Climbing the Wrekin East Onny Stream

More information on Shropshire and the Church Stretton areas


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